CS:GO movement and shooting techniques

In CS:GO movement is more important than reaction or aiming. Just without the right movement skills you can not in principle play on the servers and do inexplicable murders. So the most important thing is to learn how to move correctly and know exactly when to pause or crouch.

We will start with the most common mistake that every beginner player encounters – shooting on the move. Many people may not understand what the mistake is, but professionals know that when shooting on the move, the bullet doesn’t exactly hit the target. If you want to find a specialized resource with additional game merchandise, use

Stop Shot

A very famous technique also known as “stop – shot”. It is based on the fact that you are competent to use the keyboard. Most professionals use this technique and do not even notice it. In general, the meaning is this: when you come out from behind a corner, sharply press the opposite directional key to stop abruptly. But many players make the mistake of holding down the button for a long time. And you no longer sharply stop, but just start running in the opposite direction. 

Peeking out from around the corner

It’s also important to look around the corner properly. Just a lot of players think that if you stand behind the corner and look out, the enemy will not notice you. But this is a fallacy, because in these situations the enemy sees you better than you see him, and the chance that he will die is reduced to zero. The most correct way is to sharply leave the corner and lean against the wall from which the threat is possible and go along until you understand that it is worth to attack. And by no means should you stand on the opposite wall in the hope that you will see the enemy before he sees you.

Using the Ctrl

This tip is very useful for inexperienced players who use the Ctrl very often. And my advice of course is to remove the crouch bind from the Ctrl. Just beginners often in a panic or in a chaotic situation begin to nervously clamp this evil button and shoot where the hell, but it’s not right. And it is desirable to train willpower to neutralize the button for a month and learn to play without it. And then, over time, enter the game and use only for critical situations when there is no way out and Ctrl can really save.

And when you can already control yourself, learn how to get out of the corner on the sly. With Ctrl you can do incredible things. When you are near the corner and you know that the enemy is behind the wall, just step out of the corner and when the enemy starts to aim at you, sharply press Ctrl and shoot back. That way you can put him at a disadvantage and win for yourself a few precious seconds.

More movement tips

CS:GO has a very different movement system from other versions. Previously, the size and weight of your weapons didn’t play a big role in your movement and the quality of your running didn’t differ. But in CS:GO, the movement system has changed greatly, and now different factors influence your running. For example, now it is very different running with a knife from running with any machine gun or rifle. If you also care about the visual appeal of the game, use