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Design of the hidden object games on PC

Not so many people know that every day a new game in the “Hidden Object” genre is released and this does not mean at all that they are being created for a quick copy of the other similar game and are very easy to manufacture. The design of such games is directly related to the process of their creation, because at these stages all the elements of the game are created.

Let us turn to the statistics: in fact, at least one game of the “Hidden objects” genre appears every day in the world, which are published on the popular English website.

Of course, not all of them acquire localization, but you can download the most successful and new games on this website The frequency of releases suggests that dozens of studios work in this genre, whose work is estimated according to merit and will be popular with gamers.

The responsible role has the screenwriter, who comes up with the plot and writes the texts and dialogues

Often, the same person is also a level designer, whose tasks include the appropriate arrangement of objects in the background. It is necessary to hide things in such a way that it was interesting to play and not bother – therefore, the success of the game often depends on the game designer. The scriptwriter’s handwriting can also be recognized by the name of the games – often the titles of the projects contain the same prefixes that unite the games that came out at different times into one series. So the design of the game can start from here.

Designers who work with 3D graphics

As a rule, in the development team, the leading role goes to designers who work with 3D graphics (which later become “flat”), create video clips, landscapes of locations (backgrounds, commonly called “scenes” and “screens”) and items. The entire graphic component requires hard work and a lot of time. On average, there are 15–20 scenes and at least a hundred detailed items per game.

In spite of the fact that a ready-made engine is used to create a game, there is a little work for developers

Their task is to create mini-games, puzzles, add new “plots”, video clips, animations, etc. Without such people, games would really be boring.

You can not ignore the soundtrack (both music and sounds)

A composer can work constantly as a team or perform one-time orders for specific games. By the way, there are tasks in which the object must be found by sound – so that one cannot do without the help of such a person. Well, do not forget about the actors, whose voices are recorded for use in the game (sometimes the appearance is applied, which can be applied to the main character).

Beta testers

Of course, we cannot forget about beta testers who repeatedly go through the game and inform the developers about all the notes, with a view to correct them before the game’s public release. In the last time, volunteers and ardent fans of “hidden object games” who are willing to spend their time free to play are becoming testers.

Design is not always crucial for games of this genre. It should not be too primitive and bright enough. This will help the player to fully immerse themselves in the game. And of course, in addition to the above tasks, there is a lot of work for other goodies. After all, someone creates a passage, wallpaper, art, soundtracks, and much more that is often included in the collector’s edition (as a rule, these responsibilities are shared between the above people).

About the popularity of games with the search for items says not only the frequency of their release, but the platform on which they are accessible. Today, these games can be downloaded on PC, Mac, iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) or Android. Do not forget to mention the flash games that you can play online without downloading anything.

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