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How to arrange an Instagram marathon

If you want to run a marathon, you first need to buy instagram followers to increase the authority of your account. Then you need to follow certain steps that will help you organize everything. Read the detailed step-by-step instructions and bravely follow the algorithm.

  • Define the audience. To understand the vector of your promotion, it is important to know – who reads you. What kind of people, their age, gender, location, education and interests. All these data can be taken from the statistics and only then begin to prepare for the marathon.
  • The ultimate goal of a marathon. Before organizing anything answer the question – for what purpose am I running a marathon? Maybe it’s to attract new subscribers, maybe to activate old followers, maybe to increase sales or loyalty of potential customers.
  • Idea and step-by-step task plan. We’ve already talked about how it all starts with an idea. But after that, it’s important to make a checklist for each task, which will lead users to the ultimate goal. To avoid excesses and surprises, do this before the official announcement.
  • Choose a prize. The reward is the cherry on the cake and it’s what will motivate participants to conquer new heights. The prize should be thematic and useful to the users, only then the spirit of the battle really flares up.
  • Announcement. Do not forget to announce the beginning of the marathon not only on your page, but also on the pages of partners or bloggers related subjects and with a similar audience. It would also be nice to know in the statistics day of the week and time when your audience is most active. So you are sure you will not go unnoticed.
  • Promotion. Depending on your budget, you can start targeting ads, order ads from bloggers or make posts in thematic communities. You can also do your own mailing on the available base of existing or potential customers. And don’t forget about hashtags.
  • Issuing and controlling assignments. Since you’ll already have a pre-written and prepared scenario for the whole action, most of the time can be devoted to controlling the fulfillment of the conditions by the participants of the marathon. Communicate, guide them, motivate them, and reinforce your expertise.
  • Determining the winner and summing up the results. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the whole marathon. Make sure the winner is determined live so no one has any doubts about your honesty. Also analyze the results, stats, and profile activity in general – this will help you decide whether to hold such events in the future.

Ideas for marathons

There are many themes for online marathons that are sure to resonate in the hearts of Instagram users. In fact, people are interested in everything from what to make for breakfast to the mechanics of achieving any business goal. The space for creativity and imagination is not limited by anyone or anything, so just determine the vector of your expertise and reinforce this status. Marathon will help you get instagram followers fast.

  • Photography. Photography has become an integral part of our lives. We take memorable shots of delicious breakfasts, pets and loved ones to resurrect these emotions again and again. 
  • Writing and blogging. Today’s kids no longer dream of the starry sky and a career as an astronaut, they want to become bloggers and collect likes from all over the Internet.
  • Losing weight. Women’s cherished dream – to eat and not get fat – is very tangible.
  • Self-development. Perhaps one of the most extensive and promising areas, covering thousands of niches at once.
  • Any other direction, where you have expert knowledge and valuable experience.