How to order a pet portrait

Almost all of us have successful photos of animals, which beg to be prominently displayed to decorate any corner of our home. So artists get orders for portraits of pets, mostly cats of course. Many artists themselves have a special love for cats, so they paint them with pleasure. In this post, we want to talk a little bit about how the work is ordered, as well as illustrate it a little bit. We will tell in order, stopping at the main points and stages.

Features of the work

If you want to order a portrait of a pet, you can find a specialized company on the network. You can see examples of portraits and get more information about them at Modern companies will be a great solution if you want to get your pet portrait done quickly and at an affordable cost. You can also use the services of artists, which will help you get a great job. Such companies are ready to help you in finding the best variation of a portrait that will decorate your home and bring a lot of joy.

How to design a portrait

Most customers prefer to choose the decoration for their picture by themselves. There are a lot of rules and nuances, which you can easily find on your own. You can get help in any studio with the choice of decoration. Also with standard sizes (A4, A3) you can always find a ready-made frame and not have to wait for the order in the studio. If desired, the artist can draw up a work, having discussed all the wishes beforehand. Also, for clarity you can see examples of decoration created in a graphic editor, to make it easier to decide on the choice.

How to choose correct style and technique

A portrait in sketch style is the fastest, easiest way to portray your pet. The sketch, or outline style, does not tolerate overloadedness on the canvas. A sketch should look simple, easy, spontaneous and quick. But a portrait of a pet painted in the style of a sketch should have a similarity. The sketch requires from the artist more concentration and selectivity as it is necessary to do more with less means. In doing so, the artist must also convey image, plasticity, character, condition, volume and space. Portrait of a pet painted in the style of etude, likes volumetric lines, light and shade, a little bit of color and tone stroke to reveal form and space. You can get more details and even examples of each style in personal consultation with the artist or consultant of your choice.