How to win on Inferno in CS:GO

In today’s article, we will talk about how to start winning on Inferno. Inferno is one of the most legendary maps in Counter-Strike, which became very popular back in the days of CS 1.6. This map has gone through a lot of modifications, so even now not all professional players have learned how to win on it perfectly. At first sight, Inferno may seem to be a simple map, but it is not so. In this article, we are going to share with you some tips on how to play this card. You can also visit the site with the best csgo case.

CT Philosophy

In order to learn how to play Inferno, you first need to understand what you need to do on this card. Let’s start on the defensive side. Basically, there are three main places you need to know how to play: banana, top-mid, and long hall. We recommend that you learn what grenades you need to know at these positions, and, in general, learn how to play comfortable positions. The standard formation for the defensive side of the Inferno is 3+2. Three people occupy plant A, two of which should control the mid and exit the long hall, and the third is in the pit. Two people remain on B, with one player able to move closer to the banana.

Positioning for CT

Inferno is one of the narrowest maps in the official CS:GO map pool. When defending, you should consider the topography of the map. Due to the fact that many passages take up little space, fragmentation grenades work great on this map. If you are defending plant B, be sure to buy grenades. It is usually not recommended to buy grenades on the pistol round, but on Inferno, this rule can sometimes be neglected. 

The same goes for plant A, though here the smokes and flashes matter more than on B because basically all positions on this map are covered and you can safely throw a grenade. However, you should not make the popular mistake of many players. Staying on the plant, many even professional players try to use all their grenades while losing the advantage. Use your utilities wisely, and you can easily defend your plant.

Terrorist Philosophy

Like counter-terrorists, terrorists have three ways to approach plants: banana, top-mid, and long hall. That said, for the terrorist side, the game on Inferno is very similar to Mirage in that most attacks have to be done through mid. At low levels you can find frequent and fast attacking plants, however, at the professional level, the attack on Inferno is often very slow, waiting for mistakes from your opponents. 

Inferno is the card where you need the ability to fake, make quick swaps, go to the shift and come back. Good grenade deployment and the ability to go in quickly and get into comfortable positions to prevent easy knockdowns for counter-terrorists is extremely important.

Positioning for terrorists

The basic set-up for the attacking side on Inferno is the 2+3 tactic. Two people control the apartments: one should look at the mid and the other the far aisle to the long hall. Another three people must pass to the banana. At the same players should not stand together, as players like to do at lower levels, because close formation can end badly because of shrapnel grenades from the terrorists.


Lastly, you must understand that even perfect knowledge of maps and grenades will not make you a better player on this map. Practice, in this case, is extremely important, because even watching broadcasts of professional matches, you can get a general picture of what is happening on the map, but not see the important aspects. However, at the same time, watching demos of professional players can have a positive impact on your level of play, as you can observe in more detail the movements, deployments of supports, timings, and other things. If you want to have a good time, visit